Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I noticed that many visitors to my site came by googling for "timepass". Out of curiosity, I too decided to try out the same. Wow, my blog was featured on the first page itself as the tenth result..I am overwhelmed.. Thanks readers, I will try to work on making my blog the first result when "timepass" is typed on google.


Anonymous said...

It's not a child's play to appear on the first page of google search. For me to bring my blog to the top slot it took almost a year.

You have achieved it in a shorter period of time. This shows the growing popularity of your blog

Asha said...

Good for you Ms.Timepass!:D

Savithri said...

Congrats on being the top google result for Timepass!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog:)

timepass said...

Thks All

Anjali said...

good work... intresting .. But could not see u'r profile on the blog
Visit my bog , if u want 2 do more timepass