Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recent Happenings

Punch, me and her grandpa went to buy a small silver plate at a jewellery shop. She was her usual naughty self and insisted on selecting the plate herself. She took one plate and asked the salesgirl "bill". The salesgirl asked her to give money. Immediately, Punch put her fingers inside grandpa's pocket and took out a 5 Rs coin and gave it to the salesgirl..This is how we shop at throwaway prices..

Punch is very fond of travelling in buses and trains and we do that often. She can clearly differentiate between the AC buses and non AC buses and insists on getting into an AC bus irrespective of whether the bus goes to our destination or not. She calls a train as Engine No 9
( from a rhyme of the same name) and does not want to get down from the train.

Mention Happy Birthday and Punch runs and gets her small chair and chota table and sits on the chair and asks for the cake for cutting it and singing the birthday song..We attended a birthday party where we saw a magic show and since then she keeps telling magic magic and simply swings her arms.