Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lucky Dog

Yes, I mean it and am sure you will agree too once you read this post..

Punch's grandmas have this ritual of doing nazar utaro/drishti/suthi podu/warding off evil eye wherein they burn some camphor on a plate and rotate it in circles in front of Punch to ward off the evil eye..Punch repeats this by doing nazar utaro for all of us of course without burning the camphor.

Recently, she managed to clasp a couple of camphor pieces in her fist and we tried our best to make her give it back..As we were walking through, we saw some dogs on the road and knowing her fascination for BOW BOW, I tried to play this trick.. I told her to do drishti for the Bow Bow and the next moment, she did that resulting in all the camphor pieces successfully being thrown on the ground..

Isn't that doggie lucky? How many incidents of nazar utaro can we count for ourselves??

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's My Name?

Punch has been trying to pronounce her name for some time now..she promptly says "Un tha" when told to tell her name..

As one of her uncle's names is easy to pronounce she says " Vaa Thu" when asked to say his name. Aunty's name " Thu Di" is also heard from her once in a while.

Coming to my name, she initially used to call me " Paa Yaa" when my mother used to call me in front of her. But of late, I have been promoted and she now calls me " Pai Tha" instead of Yaa..
Any guesses for finding out our real names?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Appu's Saree

Appu is what my grandma calls Punch who in turn addresses her back as Appu.

I was showing a simple cotton saree with polka dots all over to Punch's grandpa and we were talking about a relative. Suddenly, Punch who was busy till then in mischief came over, pulled the saree down and started saying " Appu Appu".

The tubelight me then realised that my grandma also wears sarees in similar polka dot patterns and that is why on seeing the saree, Punch called out her name..wah..kya memory hai..