Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Tradition

I wonder whether my daughter will keep up my family tradition of:

Rushing to open the door to grab the newspaper the first thing in the morning

Fighting to read the newspaper

Looking out anxiously for the postman every 2 minutes when its time for him to drop the mail/Peering into the postbox whenever passing through it

Regularly alternating between the News channels to get the SAME news

Become a regular long distance train traveller

Just wait for the person seeing TV to vacate the seat and immediately occupy the same and see some boring channel (since the programme to want to see is a good 30 minutes away) for the only reason that no one else should occupy the seat. A better and oft repeated but successful idea is to pick up an argument with the person on that chair so that he vacates the seat after a good quarrel and you end up hearing him cursing you but you get the prized catch of the TV remote..

and many more traditions....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Half a Dozen Months...

Of PunchMania...

Punch is now six months old. Her day begins at her chosen time, she wakes up and cries to alert us, but the moment she sees us, she smiles. She loves baths and starts saying aaa aaa the moment I take her to the bathroom. She loves it when water is poured over her and starts crying the moment I take her out of the bathroom. Initially, she was after the small mug but slowly graduated to demanding and pulling and even kicking the bucket of hot water.

She turned over successfully and can sometimes do the reverse too. She loves to play with pillows but does not like to be kept in the rocker for long periods. The moment we open the main door, she peeps out curiously. She just looks at the road and the vehicles passing by. At home, her favourite gadget is the washing machine. We have a semi-automatic machine and she loves to watch it in operation. She loves to stare at the microwave when it is being operated. She is a very curious child and keeps on looking in all directions.

Main Hu Ghatotkach still remains her favourite. So much that all family members have started talking to her by beginning with "Main Hu Ghatotkach". She immediately turns around to look at us on hearing the same. And yes, her hands seem to reach out for things all the time. Whilst in the car, she is very silent and keeps on peering through the window. But the moment there is nothing to see outside, she starts screaming. Once we were travelling in an auto and when the auto stopped at the signal she cried and screamed and we could not understand why. Then we realised that the auto stopped just at that one signal and was otherwise speeding away.

She loves to peep into the puja area and loves to hear the chants of slokas and ring the tiny bells. She turns around to search for us when we speak to each other and starts her own conversation of aaaa, aaaa etc. She sleeps very less during the day and her chosen bedtime at night is around 11-12 PM. And now, she is eagerly looking at me to come and play with her...so friends here I end this post and hopefully will be back soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Training Course

Dear All,

This is to inform you that yours truly will be conducting a free training course on how to do household tasks by balancing a baby in one hand.. No fees will be charged and enough practical assignments will be given..For the more curious people out here, practical assignments involve balancing the baby in one hand and doing a variety of household tasks..And please do not ask me who has volunteered to do that..My dear ever enthusiastic Punch is ready to do the same as her hands always seem to reach out to things to drag, pull and lick..

Waiting for your response friends,

Aapki apni,

Sirf Timepass

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Excellent Customer Service

A small rat was creating lot of trouble for me..I was just not able to catch it inspite of using the locally available rat catching tool..Unfortunately one day, the rat passed away after entering the small hole at the back of my microwave. As I did not have the necessary tools to open up the microwave, I immediately called up the customer service and was assured that a technical guy would be sent to my residence on high priority basis.. This was at 9 in the morning.. I was supposed to get a call from them anytime..but that just did not happen..Inspite of three more reminders, no action was taken..So I approached the local electrician who promptly came and did the needful.

The episode does not end here..After 4 days, I got a call from the local customer service staff who wanted to know when they can come to attend the fault. Perhaps the date of registering the complaint was wrongly entered!!! I would like to recommend this company for the best customer service provider award, please join me in doing so... Yes I know, I could have kept the rat as it is till those guys came to repair and recommend them for another award but subject to me being alive after bearing the stench for 5 days...