Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where are we moving towards?

Two recent happenings make me think so...

1) I had been to a temple and there was a puja going on..I was standing behind the last row as I was about to leave. All chairs were occupied with people waiting for the puja to begin. An elderly couple holding hands together for support were escorted by one of the volunteers and they were finding it difficult to stand. Can you believe none of the women/children seated in the first couple of rows wanted to part with their seat..Finally the volunteer left and the couple stood in one corner helplessly. It was of no use if they got a seat in the later rows as they would be unable to view the puja. After some time, one teenager got up and her mother offered that seat to the couple, they refused to sit there..Who would?

2) We were standing outside a shop waiting for an auto to go home. A small boy of Punch's age and height came up to us and showed some colouring books @Rs 20 each. He just said BEES RUPAYA (20 Rs) and showed the books. Its really sad that children are made to earn money at this age.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Great Divide

KP (Known person) 1 (from chennai): so you moved to pune?
Me: Yes
KP 1: So, what do u eat? Do you get RICE there??

KP2 (also from chennai): So you moved to pune?
Me: Yes
KP2: Do you get SUN TV there?
Me: Yes, on local cable network itself..
KP2: oh, I thought u need DISH to view OUR channels...

Everyone knows we get all Indian items in foreign ( I mean USA only since the word foreign covers only the USA , not even Canada can be included )
I say this because a visit to any other country is as good as staying back in India itself! (in the eyes of ur relatives, neighbourhood and the local grocer and carpenter)

Unfortunately, our people fail to understand that within India, most of the time all groceries are available. So KP1 and KP2, I still live in my country and get fruits, vegetables n groceries in abundance and at almost the same rates as in Chennai.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Hansa

We have a Hansa (Khichdi fame) in our house, only difference is our Hansa is fond of Hindi and here is why she is Hansa

me: Yeh kya hai (pointing out to the glass of milk)
Punch: Yeh Paal (milk) hai

me: Yeh kya hai (pointing out to the slide in the park)
Punch: Yeh sarkumaram (slide) hai

What a diplomatic way to hide the fact that you don't know what to say for milk n slide in Hindi..