Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where is Timepass?

Timepass is hale and hearty and piling on the pounds as usual. Except for the fact that the laptop wire has fused out. As a result, I am unable to spend the usual amount of time browsing the internet. I have to wait till the Mr generously agrees to offer his laptop for a few minutes. This is the reason why I am unable to read my fav blogs and leave comments. Hoping to bounce back soon..

Monday, November 19, 2007

How about you??

Have you been to a wedding reception where the salad is kept next to the rice instead of being the first item on the table?


Have you been to a wedding reception where the soup is kept next to the paan BEEDA?


I got to see this arrangement in one reception. No, I am not complaining about this arrangement. Only thing is my stomach is not programmed to eat salad after finishing the breads and gravies and soup after finishing dinner.. ( I don't eat paan Beedas so that does not come into the picture at all!). Its all my fault...I better train myself.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Peep Into Two Lives..

I know a girl selling flowers for a living. Hers is a really tragic story.She lost her mother at a very young age and her father remarried. As generally noticed, her step-mother did not treat her well and so she came to stay with her maternal grandparents. Now these grandparents are not like any other grandparents in general. The poor girl was made to work very hard and was scolded if a particular quantity of flowers was not sold that day.Some good people used to offer her clothes and food and even sponsored her education in a municipal school. I remember her telling me once that her grandparents did not want her to study, she used to go on the morning round to sell flowers and had to come back with the empty basket else get spanked.The poor girl used to always be late to school because of this. She told me once in the last minute tension to get to school, she even wore the salwar ulta! She cleared her 10th and 12th with decent marks and joined a small degree college and is now in the final year of college thanks to help from good people who help out with college fees and books etc.

I can imagine how difficult it is for her to please her grandparents and study as well. They are very poor people and I know she does not have good facilities to study, but inspite of all this, she has managed to do so well. There were times when she would tell that her grandparents told her to get back to her step-mother since she was not making good sales of flowers.

Let me now write about the exact opposite of what I have said till now. My maid has two daughters, the elder being married and the younger one in 10th. Now, this younger daughter is a very stubborn and adamant girl from what I heard about her from her mother. She keeps demanding things from her parents knowing very well that they cannot afford it. Both the maid and her husband work, but they still live in a small room as they cannot afford to pay more rent.Once I was told that the girl threatened her mother to give her money for some expense, but as the mother did not have money on hand she could not do so. The girl immediately locked the main door and told her mother that she can go out only on giving the money! Not just this, the girl has told her mother that since she has given birth to her, she must fulfill all the demands. What goonda gardi this is. On top of this, she is a very poor student and skips tutions so that she can see TV the whole day. She is very fashionable and insists on matching accessories and shoes also for every dress. She does not seem to bother that her parents are working so hard to educate her and keep her happy. What a contrast from the girl who sells flowers.

My point is when our parents strain so much to give us luxuries in life, we must certainly do well in life and make a good career. When it is possible for a poor girl selling flowers to study under streetlights and almost be a graduate, then it is surely possible for people who have better facilities at home. The onus is on us to realise how hard our parents work to make our lives easy and stop making unreasonable demands.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why Why Why?????

Why does the cable connection go off only when I switch on the TV? (I am not a regular TV viewer, so do i deserve this?)

Why does a courier guy knock my door only when I take a rare afternoon nap?

Why does another courier guy come just minutes after the first guy has gone off and I am trying to get back to sleep??

Why do people visiting my building just walk in and knock my door (ground floor)thinking that is the entrance to the first and second floors?? This inspite of a clear board in front of the gate indicating how to access the first and second floors?

Why do people as mentioned above smile and say "Sorry i did not see the board outside". By people I am referring to literates who are unable to understand the direction in which an arrow mark points to!

Why do motorists drive rashly but quickly blame other drivers if there is an accident?

Why do tele-marketing people single me out to market their products?

Still so many why(s) to be written but I save it for another day and stop ranting!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sweet Shops or Slimming Clinics?

The festival season is always a challenge for dieters/people trying to lose and maintain weight. Newspapers carry advertisements of both sweet shops as well as of clinics guaranteeing weight loss side by side. It is in the hands of the individual to decide where to go to! As a sweet loving nation, we never say no to sweets and end up exchanging boxes and boxes of sweets and eating the sweets by giving the excuse of " They will get spoilt, so I better eat it".

I often wonder how come articles and advertisements guaranteeing the perfect body shape feature immediately after Diwali/similar festivals. So many clinics guarantee weight loss to gear up for the New Year, a good 2 months away. I guess many people pamper themselves during Diwali, then join a slimming clinic to be in shape for the new year and then pamper themselves again during the new year to start the process all over. The only people benefiting from this are the sweet shops and the slimming clinics!!( cause they get regular customers). Doctors always say that a combination of regular exercise and healthy diet always gives good results. So here I go to eat the sweets lying on the dining table! (oops, did I say something wrong?)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I will narrate an incident that happened couple of months back when I was in Bangalore. One morning, the phone rang and I answered the call. The gentleman on the phone was my dad's colleague and wanted to talk to my dad. As my dad was away in the restroom, I politely told him that dad is in the restroom and he will call back soon. To my surprise, the gentleman asked me
"Is he sleeping?".. What does he mean.. sleeping and that too in the restroom of all the other places..

I realised that I should have used the most (decent!) word of toilet instead of restroom. As the gentleman is in a top position in a top organisation, I used the word restroom as I thought he would know the meaning of the same. So, that indicates that I should not boast too much of the little bit decent English that I know and use beginners' language itself!!