Sunday, May 25, 2008

Humble Contribution

My Humble contribution to the population of India is in the form of my baby girl w.e.f 20.5.2008.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wah kya phone hai..

As mentioned before, my mobile phone has borne me patiently for five years and I have no intention of replacing the same till it stops operating completely. Recently, I dropped the phone by mistake while picking it up. As a result, I could not hear the ring tone for incoming calls. After trying all sorts of things, I decided to get the phone repaired. My dad was about to take the phone to the repair shop when he accidentally dropped it.. I immediately told him that the phone would have got repaired by itself now and that's what happened. Does this remind you of some TV serial where a character loses his memory when a heavy object falls on him and regains back his memory when a similar object again falls on him? I guess my phone is so used to my laziness that it got repaired by itself.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I confess .. I just love Bread and cannot resist the temptation to eat bread whenever I see a loaf in front of me. Right from childhood, I am a fan of bread. Those were the days of Britannia and Wibs Bread and Amul Butter ( I guess the salt content and the colour of Amul Butter have been altered now). It was so heavenly to smear lots of Amul butter on a bread slice and devour it.. Mind you, this was before the age of healthy diets!! I can eat bread anytime of the day and can substitute it in place of dinner and lunch. Raw veg sandwiches sold in roadside stalls in Mumbai are my ultimate fav even today. Any leftover slices are eaten up in the form of bread upma with lots of veggies..You See, I don't waste anything except the wrapper..(only in the case of bread)

I used to simply love to eat the oven fresh sweet bread baked in bakeries. Any visit to Karnataka was and still is incomplete without eating this bread, veg puffs and also eating the famous toast ( now called sandwich also) at an Iyengar bakery. Sadly most bakeries are not able to churn out the same tasteful stuffs (like in Iyengar bakeries) according to me, the quality and taste are not as good as the stuff in the Iyengar bakeries. My love for bread was so much that I was teased that I am a dog ( as according to people, dogs only like bread) and also that I must get married to a bakerywala. Sadly, I could not marry a bakerywala!!

So what if I did not marry a bakerywala, I have converted the Mr. into a bread lover and sandwich lover... Hurray...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sincere Request

Dear Telemarketers,

I request you to please please not call customers during lunch hours (nap time for many of us) and break the silence in the house... I don't know how you get to know that people are asleep and this is the right time to make a call and wake them up and ask them to buy a credit card or invest in a mutual fund. Have you fixed some hidden web camera in my house?? The loud ring of a mobile phone/landline in an otherwise silent house is enough to make people get up with a big scare.., imagine the plight of small babies and the aged.

I know you have sales targets to meet, but you can always call customers at other times of the day too... Good Luck...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Naya Daur Hai Bhai..


Lovers usually have the practice of going around on bikes, wherein the girl is covered from top to toe and literally wears a ghunghat (veil) to avoid being identified by a known person. But the guy does not cover his face. I saw a totally opposite situation and that is what makes me share it with all readers.

I was walking along the road when I noticed a bike coming at moderate speed. One look at it and I knew it was another jodi. But for a change, the girl was just her normal self and had not covered her face with a dupatta/helmet/bandana. But the guy seemed to be very conscious and was wearing a helmet and some other raksha kavach (protection) also. Maybe the guy has some known people in this area and so this protection?

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Feel Blessed...

I feel blessed to be in the comforts of a fan and air conditioner when I see labourers toiling in the hot sun trying to demolish the old building opposite my house. I am drenched in sweat within five minutes of walking in the hot sun and when I do not sit under the fan for a few minutes. As about 90% of the building is demolished, they spread some sheets on the heap of rubble and sleep peacefully at night under the watchful eyes of the moon. But those labourers do not seem to complain about their situation, all they have is a pot full of water next to them which also must be hot after being in the sun for so long.. Power cuts are very rare in my locality and even if so, most of the times the power comes back within 5 minutes. I read in the newspaper about a conference of Panchayat staff all over India where generators were used to operate ACs and fans, the joke being that most Panchayat representatives said their villages had no electricity at all. What a contrast.. This reminds me how lucky I am to enjoy the comforts of basic things in life which lakhs and lakhs of people have not yet experienced. Dear God, thanks for providing me such a comfortable life...