Sunday, September 16, 2007

Epitomes of Courtesy

Scene I

House Owner on the Phone with the Tenant, the tenant is late in paying rent most of the time.

Owner : Hi (Tenant)
Tenant: Hi
Owner: Looks like you have not paid the rent this month.
Tenant: Oh is it, today’s ….th (date) right
Oh I forgot…
I shall pay by tomorrow.

Forgot, kya word hai..Atleast when you leave or enter the house, you must realize that its a rented place...

Scene II

Hospital room of a patient who’s baby died in-utero at 5 months
Entry of a new trainee nurse. She has the patient's case history in hand but has not bothered to go through it.

Nurse: So, you had an abortion right?
Patient: Yes
Nurse: Why did u get this done?? U did not want the baby is it??

Oh, so this is what people say " Adding salt and chilli to a fresh wound".


Anonymous said...

some people are naturally courtoeus when others are not....who just bother about themselves only.....May be we have to teach them courtesy by being less courteous with them...hmm dont's really diff to do that!!

dame's diary said...

Negligent tenant...
Callous nurse...

WhatsInAName said...

hmmm, thoughtless people
And how I hate the word "SORRY" as well!

Swati said...

Oops ..the nurse damaged all what was remaining can people be like that ?

Just Like That said...

O God, that second scenario is so slap-the-nurse's-face!
how can she be so thoughtless?