Wednesday, September 5, 2007


We are always compared with others since birth. Society derives pleasure from adding salt and chilly powder on one’s wounds. There are hardly a handful of people out here who do not ask annoying personal questions to others which simply cannot be answered as the topic concerned is personal only and not for public disclosure.

Anyways, coming to comparisons, when a baby is born, it is compared with parents and relatives as to whom does it look like, what colour is it etc.. Comparing dresses and toys is to follow soon… then people compare the schools to which kids go followed by colleges… in between comparisons for dresses and coaching classes and two wheelers gifted by parents are also seen..then comes the comparison of who is in which college and who gets placed in which company. Comparisons are again made while finalising an alliance and later regarding the marriage hall where the wedding is conducted.. The cycle continues again with literally everything from purchasing a house, investing in shares/gold, foreign trip, promotion, pay package and what not.. Some people have everything on earth but still jealousy is their best friend.

The one thing people have not compared as of now is DEATH..Of course people do discuss a death and talk details about it as if the same has happened in their backyard. I am sure the day when we face questions such as “ ABC died like this at this age, what is your plan??” and “ In your family everyone lives for XXX years, how long are u going to live?” is not far off..


Anonymous said...

Well said , I think comparison is the key to unhappiness for most of us. I know Mr X who was happy when he was earning 4 lakhs and he bacame unhappy when he started earning 12 lakhs.. Becuase Y was intially earning less than X got an offer for 15 lakhs..!!!
Ultimately, it's best to ignore those who compare you and LIVE LIFE FOR YOURSELF.

It is very important to understand every one is a unique and special creation of the almighty.

Anyhow, thanks for bringing up this thought provoking topic!!!


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Adhi Potoba said...

I do think comparing is a natural instinct. How else can one tell if they're better than someone or not? After all isn't that what we all aspire for—to be better than everyone else? As sad as it sounds, we all do it at some level.

BTW, I love the name of your blog, too. At one point, it was my main motto in life. As much time pass as possible.

timepass said...

IdeasMoney-U are always welcome

Adhi Potoba-I agree comparing is a natural instinct but once things cross a particular limit it cannot be termed as mere turns into jealousy and obsession..What I want to say is that we can channel energies on productive things and accept things positively..