Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help from unexpected quarters

I did not expect a relative of a patient (lying in coma in the ICU and hovering between life and death) to offer to look after my naughty 3 year old till I visit my husband inside..

I did not expect that the security guys sitting outside the ICU will offer to show videos from their mobile phones to keep my child occupied while I visit my husband inside..

I did not expect at all that a person to whom I lent my phone charger remember to give it to another person and ask me to collect it..fyi this man's son consumed pesticide and gave up the fight for life and he comes to me and says " Mazha mulga sampla..tumcha charger varti aahe.." meaning my son is finished, your charger is upstairs.

Least of all, I did not expect one unknown person who seemed to be an avid IPL watcher to offer to change to cartoon channel for the sake of my child.
and of course not to forget the night shift security guard who asked me where is your child, I have not seen her today, how is your husband.. when he could have easily kept quiet..
and also the friendly neighbours and office colleagues who offered to stay back and help in whatever manner possible.

God teaches us lessons in so many ways...I have learnt to be humane and humble from this experience..Its really great that you offer help when you are yourself not in a proper mental state (struggling with the health status of a loved one)..Thanks all, I do not know your names, but I pray for the good health of your loved one in the ICU.