Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Punch was playing with her soft toys one night. She was talking to the toys like how I talk to her. She chanced upon some bangles and told the monkey toy "come wear bangles, show your hand". Now our backs were facing each other as I was doing some task and I did not bother to look back. The toy in question is a monkey (stuffed toy) holding a banana in one hand. Next she put the bangles on the monkey and said " Say Thank You". Now I got more curious and had a look at the monkey only to laugh aloud..Punch had put the bangles around the banana and not the monkey's hand!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ceremonial Welcome

Punch's father got a ceremonial welcome from her one evening..

He was just back from work and was sitting on the diwan when Punch suddenly ran inside the kitchen. She came back armed with a big plate and the next thing she did was to nazar utarofy her father and put an imaginary tikka on his forehead.. a welcome befitting a war hero!! Lucky man..

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Punch can identify a necklace easily. She points out towards the necklace and says "Neckash". Once while shopping for a chain at a jeweller, the saleswoman showed us about 5-6 chains and before we knew, Punch grabbed all the chains and put it around her neck and proclaimed her love for neckash..

Yesterday, when we were in the car and waiting for the signal to turn green, suddenly Punch said abba papa neckash.. She was pointing out to the big poster of a necklace from a big jewellery showroom. The funny thing was she asked the man who drove the two wheeler and was standing next to the car "mama papa neckash"..Thank God he did not hear since our window was closed! So all who drive a two wheeler, pls watch out for Punch asking for a necklace..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Two recent episodes

Punch likes to eat bananas. One day (some time back) after she finished eating a banana, we told her that the peel is for the cow. We usually see some cows wandering in our lane and feed them vegetable peels. Recently, when Punch finished eating the banana, I was talking to her and holding the peel. I told her to wait till I put the peel away in the dustbin and she immediately retorted.. " banana Maa Maa.." reminding me to keep it aside for the cow. I was surprised to see her remember this.

Usually, when I tell Punch to put a vessel in the sink, she promptly does that. But once she was insisting on seeing videos on her father's laptop when he had work to do. So, to divert her, he told her to put the glass next to him in the sink..she came forward and took it and then gave it to me saying.." amma, sink"..And I ended up putting the glass in the sink..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Music in the bathroom

Please don't try to visualise anything before reading below!!

Punch inverted a bucket and said dum dum dum and then closed her fist and took it near her mouth and said peepee peepee and then again dum dum..

She loves to observe the nadaswaram party at weddings and tried to imitate them by inverting the bucket.