Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Ask Me Directly

instead of asking Punch

where did u go yesterday evening?
did u go to ur grandma's house?
does ur mom take care of u?
are u ur mom's/dad's pet?
what did XYZ give u as gift?
when are u going abroad?
etc etc..

Punch can reply to these questions only when she speaks, so if you are willing to wait till then, I have no issues..pls wait..but if you want the answers now itself, you have no other option but to ask me...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harvest Time

Like our farmers, I am pleased to show you the result of my harvest for this season..

Punch had very less hair at birth, and this disappointed me a bit..On top of that, relatives visiting us would always say.." Oh, you (Timepass) had lot of hair when u were born". Of course, I did not really care for it. We joked that she sported a military cut..

The daily coconut oil massage has slightly paid off and I am pleased to show you the results...After tonsuring her head when she turns 1, we hope to get a bumper harvest!! Your good wishes are very much needed..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Tale of the Torn Note

Sometime back, Punch got a cash gift in the form of a single note. The very second she received it, she tore it into two pieces even before we could take the note from her. She has never done it before, infact she would hold on to the note tight or drop it after being given such gifts. I am not sure if she tore the note just because it was a 50 rs note ? What do you think?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Does Inflation really exist??

I thought that inflation has hit consumers very badly etc etc but when I see the crowds in the jewellery shops..No one will dare to agree with the above statement.. Jewellery shops are more crowded by the day and I see people cribbing about the high gold prices on one hand and buying jewels on the other hand..And I see lot of 1000 rupee notes only with people coming to buy jewellery..The T.Nagar area never seems to have a dearth of shoppers..but generally people say everything has become so costly..we are unable to make ends meet..(while shopping for jewels of course..)

(P.S: If u ask me what was i doing in the jewellery shop, yours truly was accompanying a potential buyer..) And yes there are people who are really hit by soaring prices..