Friday, August 21, 2009


Its been a long time since I wrote specifically about Punch. She turned 15 months old on August 20th. Tantrums are in full swing since some time now..she demands things and if we dont give her, she screams and sometimes lies on the floor..I divert her attention to some other thing to tide over this but am not successful all the time..

She co-operated well during our train and air journeys but found things uncomfortable as we did not allow her to walk freely due to space shortage. She insisted on rolling under the seats in the plane journey. The biggest surprise was she slept off while boarding the return flight and finally woke up when the plane was landing..that was the one snack I actually ate and not gobbled but alas just two mini paavs and bhaji and a sweetless mousse did not fill my big tummy.

Punch loved the camel and elephant ride in Jaipur and also loved feeding the pigeons. She kept on dropping one grain after other patiently to feed the pigeons and did not want to return the empty bowl to the shopkeeper. She loved walking around the malls in Gurgaon and imitated us by seeing things and putting it in the shopping bag..She had fun in the play area wherever available.

At home, she is her usual naughty self always waiting to create a mess once I clean it..She points out at the main door and says "KA" meaning she wants to go out in the car..She can imitate the sounds of a cow, crow, dog and cat well. Whenever the bell rings, she says "Thatha" expecting her grandpa..even in gurgaon she did the same when the bell rang. When we call her by various nicknames she correctly identifies who calls her what..For instance greatgrandma calls her Appu and so when she sees greatgrandma/her pic Punch immediately says Appu.. in fact when greatgrandma sleeps, Punch goes next to her and says Appu..My grandma must be the oldest to get a nickname i suppose..

She eats dal, rice, rotis, dosa etc but no guarantee that she will eat without a tantrum. Madam has a sweet tooth as well. In the puja room, she takes the oil bottle and tries to pour oil on the lamp. When we ask what next, she gives the match box. Since she did this, we are more alert and keep those things out of her reach. In fact almost everything is kept above the fridge, above the showcase etc. I found locking the room doors a good way to stop her from entering and messing up the rooms.

Phew, I have so much more to write but it seems never ending.. But this is all for now..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Hangover..

We are back from our vacation..Few things I would like to list down..
  • The first vacation after a really long time and glad that all went well especially with Punch
  • Added Akshardham (Delhi) to the (visited) list of Akshardham (Gandhinagar) and Swaminarayan Temple (UK)..can I hope to see Swaminarayan Temple (Chicago) too?
  • Sudden one day trip to set foot on Rajasthan soil as well..
  • Travelled on one more Shatabdi train (to Jaipur), but dinner was not up to the mark
  • Almost sprained my neck looking at tall tall buildings in Gurgaon...they seem to be everywhere there.

As of now I can think of just the above..Punch's adventures will follow later..

BTW I realised I have this hangover when I was about to say " Aap pehle andar aa jaiye" to someone (whose entry I was blocking) at the supermarket after coming back..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ab Dilli Door Nahin...

We are back from a short outstation trip. Thanks all for your good wishes, I managed to successfully scrape through. The biggest challenge for me was to restrict Punch to half a berth as I was sharing a berth with her. As she is used to sleeping on a sprawling double bed and is usually found (in the morning) at the exact opposite direction of which she slept the previous night, I was worried. The first time it was tough, she kept on changing sides and banging her head onto my head and I was holding on to the suitcase below whenever she used more force..Thankfully, on the return journey, she was ok, I mean very less banging on my head...She kept on loitering around the compartment and made us very tired.

Now comes the next trip..Yes, we are off to apni Dilli for a short vacation..I need your good wishes this time too as it is going to be Punch's first trip on an aeroplane..Please send a silent prayer for the airline which is accommodating us and our co-passengers...Tips/ideas are welcome..So if you are in Dilli and you see a greedy fat lady eating chaat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and eating as if not eaten for ages and a troublesome baby trying to taste that chaat...then you have found me..