Monday, June 30, 2008

Are u aware..

that name transfer of electricity connection in your favour costs just Rs 1500..

wait let me tell the breakup then be more happy..

actual charges payable to the government = Rs 400 and the bribe for this transaction = just 1100..

please note that 1100 is distributed among concerned staff. they are united (only in this case) in this effort and charge fees proportionate to their post

way to go..what say? Jai Ho..

P.S: Yes, I am back to cribbing, that's what I started this blog for..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How does she know??

How does she know...

that I am sneaking away to take a leisurely bath...
that I have just entered my user id and password to check mails...
that I am about to eat something and relish the taste...
that I have just now hit the bed for an afternoon nap..
that I am about to watch TV..

She probably knows everything cause she always cries and demands attention when I do any of the above..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Naam kya hai- Naam me kya rakha hai??

Ghar ka Patha do- Mummy ki godi aur aapka dil

Kya karte ho- sona, duddhu pina, rona

iska nathija-unloading karna

That's my intro for mummy's friends.. She asked me to convey to you all that we did not have internet access for 2 weeks.. Thanks all for your kind enquiries.. BTW pls suggest a name for me just like how mummy's name is Timepass..

Monday, June 2, 2008

I am Tired...

of repeating answers to these questions..

was it Normal/c-sec delivery?
Did u go to the hospital in pain?
What's ur doc's name? (Thank god they did not ask her PA's name cause I myself don't know that)
Did u get pain in the hospital?
When was the due date?
Did u deliver on due date? why/why not??
Were u induced?
How long were you in pain?
How about the stitches?
What's baby's height and weight?
As of now, whom does she look like?
What's the room rent?? and so many other questions that I never dreamt people will ask me...

And most important..
How much did the hospital bill come to???
Did u make use of the insurance coverage??
How much % of the bill was settled through the insurance??

I am so tired of this that I do not have the strength to type in the details friends pls hold on..

Baby is doing good and working in a call center following U.S timings... ( I mean she insists on keeping awake during the night).

Thanks everyone for ur kind wishes..