Monday, November 23, 2009

Punch at 1.5 years

Punch is now 18 mths i.e 1.5 years old. Like most mothers, suddenly I feel where did these 18 months fly away? But every day is a new experience and Punch entertains us with her daily dose of masti. I am listing some random things about her..

  • She is very observant and sees and hears what people around her do and tries to imitate the same..

  • When we speak on the phone and she is around, she tries to repeat the words.. later she picks the landline and starts talking by saying " aunty, mamam, bye"

  • Her aunty and uncles speak to her on the phone and she obliges only if in mood, else she will scream at the top of her voice. She offers to put nappy rash cream for them by applying it on the phone and gives a kiss to them by kissing the phone

  • Recently, the Mr sprained his back and I sprayed the painkiller on his back, Punch immediately took the spray and tried to spray it on him

  • She generally offers what she eats to others including some random person appearing on TV and the Mickey Mouse picture on her cycle

  • She uses one word to communicate and we are supposed to make sentences from it

  • The moment she hears the word "Temple" she says aana meaning elephant..We make her sit on the stone elephants in the temple and she loves it

  • If we ask her where do you want to go, she replies Kah and Bikee meaning Car and Bike..many times she has cried so much that her dad is forced to take her on a ride on the Bike..then she asks me also to join

  • Of late, I notice that when I am talking to someone, she screams and wants us to talk to her

  • She feels that whenever we go out it is always to meet her grandpa and great grandma(appu)

  • A peculiar thing with her..she loves to see her birthday pictures and video again and again many times a day

  • She always wants me and Mickey Mouse to wear grandma's specs

  • She has called out to an Auto and couple of autos have stopped to her call when we are walking

  • She has to be fooled and taken to a room when someone is going out, else she creates a big fuss

  • She is a terror whilst in the car and keeps jumping around the front and back and uses her legs to shut the small drawer

  • She points out to the walking stick and says " Ammu" (great grandpa)..and imitates him by using the umbrella/rolling pin as a walking stick

  • She loves to use the broom and mop..our maid does not wish to risk her life and promptly hands over the mop and broom at the first order from Punch
  • When she sees anyone crying on TV, she says Aunty uuu uuu and wants us to view something else

Now a small quiz for my errr Punch's friends

She says something which goes like

1. tintint aawww upppp

Can u guess it?? I give you two days time...(its so easy)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Aaphis is Punch's pronunciation of Office..

Thanks to her, we are all employed because when we ask her "where is ...(name)" and she is in mood, she replies Aaphis. By we I mean myself, Punch's grandparents and great grandparents too..Have you come across such a hardworking family anywhere???

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Its time to make dinner and I ask Punch " Shall we make chapati for daddy?"

She immediately runs towards the kitchen and opens a drawer and suddenly I hear something falling down..the belan has fallen down.. and instantly, she picked up the belan and looks if I am watching her, then proceeds to put the belan on the floor and roll it to symbolise making of we go, my boss shows me how to make chapatis...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grandpa's chappals

Punch's grandpa usually gives her company for a few hours till her afternoon nap. He was recently not in town and I had called the electrician to fix a new tube light at the entrance to our house. Punch was looking at what the electrician was doing when suddenly she noticed that his chappals lying on the floor. Immediately, she went to wear the chappals and started saying " Thatha Thatha (grandpa grandpa)". At first I could not understand but then I realised that her grandpa had a similar pair of chappals and so she thought that to be grandpa's chappals.... Isn't that proof of her good memory? I am now extra careful about what I speak/do when she is within sight..