Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Its a delight to go shopping with Punch..She first says Decchu Decchu ( meaning dress) when she enters a garment shop and then proceeds to select clothes herself..after some minutes we see her holding so many hangers which she refuses to part with..then I tell the counter staff to bill the dress I have selected and she immediately repeats Bill Bill so that the dresses in her hands are also billed.

When we go grocery shopping, she points out at the trolley and I put her inside the trolley.she stands while I push the trolley and keeps her hands floating so that any rack within reach can be attacked.when she is on her feet, we get a whole assortment of things from her..she patiently gets juice bottles, maggi, fruits, tea powder and anything else she can find and puts all in the trolley. At the counter when I select the things I need to buy and give them for billing, she puts all the things she has selected too..and simply refuses to come out.. You can very well estimate the amount of patience I have and how much I try to coax her to come out without billing whatever she has selected..

Wishing all readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010..

See you in 2010

Thursday, December 17, 2009


As mentioned before, Punch loves going to the temple and feeding bananas to the calves. We taught her to touch the dhvajastambha and worship it and she does that..

Some days back, she was playing with grandpa and suddenly we see her touching the lamp-post on the road with great devotion..At first we did not realise what she was upto, but then it flashed that the structure was similar to the dhvajastambha..Punch thought the lamp post to be the dhvajastambha!!

But as God is everywhere, I hope he has blessed Punch from the lamp post..This act of Punch reminded me of Prahlad..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dream Fixing

All of us are aware of Match Fixing...Dream Fixing is what I term as deciding in advance as to who will come in your dreams..courtesy this conversation with Punch

At bed time, we pray to God and I ask god to give Punch Sweet Dreams and a good night's sleep..As per some elders, God shows flowers to children in their sleep..so I usually say "God, please show Punch lots of flowers"..the days I forget to say this, she reminds me by saying "Poo"..Since past few days she has also started saying "Thatha, Paapi, Thatha, Paapi, appu (great grandma) and ammu (great grandpa)" after I pray asking to give her Sweet Dreams.. It implies that she wants to see the above mentioned people in her dreams..Now twice thatha paapi means both sets of grandparents okay...

So what do you think about Dream fixing??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Punch and Bluetooth

This happened about 5-6 months back..

It is evening time and my phone is ringing but I am unable to locate it..Finally after a lot of searching I found it in a kitchen drawer..obviously Punch's deed. The Mr arrives and as usual Punch follows him wherever he goes. once again I get a call on my mobile, I see that the call is from the Mr who is in the same room with Punch. I yell at him and ask " Why do you have to call me when I am in the same room?". He looks puzzled and says "When did I call you?".. We then see Punch holding the Bluetooth device and pressing something..so its her handiwork..

The one advantage of this call..The Mr realises that the last call can be redialled from the bluetooth itself!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is it Possible?

Is it possible for an elephant to sit on a horse??

In Punchland, it is possible..

We got a horse (rocker) for her and after trying it, she (as usual) made her dolls sit on the horse for a ride and kept the small wooden elephant on it too.. At first, I had not noticed it, but when I actually saw, it looked so funny..

BTW what can be the possible meaning of Kacchhi ( Punch's language)..