Friday, July 31, 2009

God Save This Compartment

Punch is all set to embark on her maiden overnight journey in a sleeper class compartment...Please pray that all fellow passengers get sound sleep...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why am I Awesome??

  • I strongly believe in and follow Take it easy policy and Jaane bhi do yaaron policy..After all, its a small world and short life..
  • I faced the un-dreamable and I came out of that grief all by myself..but the heavy burden still persists..
  • I cannot be lured by temptation to do something which I feel is wrong/not needed..
  • I am very gullible and get fooled so many times but I move on quickly..
  • I am always available for people to share their sorrows/problems, but I never ask people personal questions/things that may hurt them/intentional questions unless they themselves start the topic and ask my view..I respect privacy of people.
  • I am very flexible and adjusting with respect to people as well as places..I have to do my duty come what may..
  • I cannot get tempted by good physical attributes to conclude whether a person is bad or good, it is the good heart within which attracts me..Yes, I believe in the saying "Beauty is skin deep"..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Height of Obedience

Scene 1
Morning 7.30 Am ( Mr is about to leave for work)
Mr asks Punch "Baby get daddy's shoes from the rack"
Punch immediately obliges and gets the (correct) shoes..

Scene 2
Night 8.30 Pm ( Mr is just back home)
Mr tells Punch"Baby put daddy's socks,shirt,kerchief and pant in the washing machine"
Obedient Punch does what is told to do..

But wait, this is not what she does always..

The Mr was searching for his new phone one morning and when we dialled the number from our landline, the phone ring was traced to the washing machine...and I was about to fill water and start the machine..thank god

The Mr was gobbling up dinner as he was very hungry and Punch was circling around him as usual..suddenly he asked her something (surely not what she ran to get) and she ran to the rack and got his shoes and insisted on keeping it on the dining table next to his plate..

As of now, her recent achievement is keeping her tiny shoes on the pooja cupboard by cleverly carrying the shoes in a bag and fooling five healthy adults sitting in the same room..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aachoo Aachoo....

This happened some time back. Saturday is the day when I can leave Punch to take care (! and Yes) of her dad for an hour or so and finish some tasks. I was about to leave for the Post office when Punch sneezed...I did not take it seriously but had to encounter a closed door in the Post office..Next stop was the bank where there was a longer queue than usual..maybe everyone wanted to visit the bank the day I chose that job also left undone. As I was walking back, I thought of getting samosas but the samosas which usually arrive from the workshop by that time chose not to I go home empty handed without doing a single task but know for sure it is not due to Punch sneezing before I left home.

The next day being a Sunday, no pending tasks could be taken up. But on Monday, I left home with Punch ( and renewed vigour) at sharp 8.45 AM to ensure that I am the first to enter the post office when it opens at 9 AM. Alas, it was a holiday that shows that my previously average GK is nil nowadays..Obviously, the bank would also be closed so I returned home the way I went.i.e with unfinished tasks.

Now was this because of a sneeze when I left?? I really don't know what to conclude.. Finally all pending tasks were done after a couple days and yes Punch had not sneezed at that time!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What to find where?

In the Punch household, you will find..

Chappals in drawers and the washing machine

Utensils all over the kitchen floor

Some lucky utensils do make it to Punch's bed

Sweet limes/tomatoes/potatoes in kitchen drawers meant for utensils

Some lucky fruits/vegetables make it to the shoe rack

Fridge Magnets in the laundry bag

A 1kg packet of soap powder dragged all the way from the toiletries rack to Punch's bed..(by her good self)

House/car keys in kitchen drawers inside utensil

The bell used during prayer is safe in a bucket of water

Chapati ka belan in the rack meant for toiletries...

Need I say more??

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chappal Sambhal ke...

Please do not come to any conclusion by just reading the title of this post...

When the Mr. opened the drawer to take out his purse, keys and ID card while leaving for work, guess what greeted him..Punch's chappal... The washing machine (semi automatic) was doing its work when I sensed something wrong with the sound..but I was not shocked/surprised to see the second chappal floating in the water.. Needless to say, its all Punch's work, inspite of keeping a round the clock vigil on her.