Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here I Come..

Thanks to the aunties who enquired about me, mummy will be typing out this post for me..(High time mummy realises my penchant for blogging). Yes, I am still nameless on this blog..pls help mummy find a name..

I am now two months old and raring to go, but I am told not to be over enthu and to take things as they come. I have no fixed time to say " My day begins at ... in the morning". I sleep very less during the day except for a 2-3 hour nap after massage and bath. You see, there is so much to see and observe in the house, so I cannot afford to sleep. And night times are the best to trouble everyone cause I am on a high as the clock strikes 10.. I have managed to make my mummy remain awake all night. I love screaming in a jolly mood at night. But how much ever I scream my daddy and grandpa are busy snoring and dreaming away in the next room..Please tell some technique to make them also remain awake like mummy. I ensure that whenever I enter a room, the fan and lights are ON..if not, I keep staring at the fan till it is put on..

...to be cont'd...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Simply Unfair

Hi all, my mummy always complains about others. Now, let me crib about her. See how I see this toy..Yeh bhi koi view hai?

But see how mummy sees this toy.. It looks lovely , but she refuses to show me the toy from this angle..When will I be able to see this toy as seen below?

P.S: Thks Aditi's Mom for pointing to my mummy that I am not being featured on this blog. Hopefully mummy will post a proper update on me soon..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Evil Eye..

Does something called the Evil Eye really exist?? I mean people often say such and such bad things are happening in my household, surely someone has cast an evil eye on our house.. I don't know whether bad things happening in our life can be solely attributed to the evil eye cast by others. In my opinion and from what I have heard from elders, whatever is destined to happen in a person's life is already decided and written on his forehead at the time of birth itself. So how can a mere mortal influence someone else's life? Whatever has to happen in our life will happen irrespective of whether someone casts an evil eye or not..We must accept things as they happen and understand that bad and good things in our life happen when they have to.. All we can do is to hope for the best and do our duty (and of course stop casting an evil eye on others..)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Price Hike ....

I got this news recently..
It's nothing new that we have to give bribes to some office staff to get work done. Recently, an official demanding a bribe demanded Rs 500 more than the usual Rate. When questioned as to why the sudden increase, he replied that he had got a new car and as the fuel prices are increasing, he has hiked the rate of the bribe so that he can balance off the increase in fuel prices.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Please Follow (Break) the Queue

I had been to the hospital for routine vaccinations for the baby. We entered our name in the waiting register and waited till our turn came. There were babies of different ages ranging from new born to about 2 years and all of them waited for their turn to come. I got the prescribed injections and was waiting outside the doc's room when all of a sudden a celebrity (read film star) appeared. One man (her staff) was carrying her baby. Needless to say, everyone was staring at her. Suddenly, she was not to be seen but the doc went out of the room with a torch and prescription pad in hand. The junior doc started seeing babies here. Later, I came to know that the celebrity was waiting in another room for her baby to be seen and this doc went up to that room to check the baby which was presumably doing good.She immediately left the place.

Fools like me were waiting since just 2 hours for our turn to see the doc and this lady walks in, sees the doc and goes off within minutes. Agreed since she is a celebrity, either she or the hospital authorities would have decided to opt the quick way out to avoid getting mobbed. I know many people always break the queue, but then what about the waiting patients? I noticed some parents having a hard time trying to cajole cranky babies and wait for their turn to see the doc. Nothing would have gone wrong if the celebrity waited in the same room till her turn came. But, sadly that did not happen and people had to wait till the celebrity and her baby left and then wait till their turn came. High time we all follow the queue system if in use at a particular place.