Monday, July 26, 2010

How to access the Kitchen sink

Punch has this hobby of doing the dishes...initially she used the to drag the dining chair to the kitchen sink and start off her work with opening the tap..To stop this, I put away all the dining chairs in a room and locked the room. Next, she pushed her rocker all the way from the hall to the kitchen and I replied by putting away the rocker too in the room.

Our hall now has just the sofa and showcase (almost empty again), the small stool also being put away lest it serve as a handy tool for her. Whenever we open the room door, she manages to squeeze in from nowhere to pick up her rocker/cycle/chair to use it to play in the sink. Then she started using a small 15-20 cm toy chair to stand up to be able to reach the tap. Next was her father's lunch bag followed by a plastic cover! Next was the dustbin. I forgot to mention that the same items are alternatively used to attack the washing machine too.

Yesterday was the height of all mischiefs.. we both were in the kitchen and she was as usual pulling out things from the drawers and I was cooking. For a moment I did not look at her and then what did i see? She had opened the small wood cupboard below the sink, used its partition to stand and then sat on the door like how a bike rider sits.. it was hilarious as well as dangerous and she even posed for pictures..another poor victim was the chota 1.5 litre pressure cooker which was put upside down to serve as a stool for her..I just do not know how to stop her..any ideas are welcome.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How To Break a mirror

Punch's way of breaking a mirror..

go to the kitchen, open the drawer and pull out the wooden buttermilk ladle (that looks similar to hanuman's weapon)
run to the bedroom raise ur arm and say jai chi naam ( jai sri ram)
aim on the mirror and throw the ladle and the result is
the mirror breaks and glass pieces spread all over

true hanuman style

P.S: thankfully she did not get hurt and she managed to do this inspite of two adults ( me and Mr) present in the room

and the icing on the cake is

she insists on taking the broom and sweeping when i got the broom to pick up the glass pieces
she insists and nearly fights with me to mop the floor after sweeping
and behaves as if nothing has happened (inspite of two spanks)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hangover Persists..

Apni Punch faces a severe hangover of "Happy Birthday"..she has been imagining things to be cakes and cuts them and sings the birthday song..

Recently, she was rummaging the pooja area and was sitting on a chair when she thought of a brilliant idea..she took a scissor and kept it at its maximum length and then started making a cake cutting action and singing the birthday song..I was in the same room and did not even dream of what she imagined to be a was the gopuram of the pooja cupboard that was her cake for the day...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recording my Sins

Momo's Ma and Ambuli's amma tagged me to list out my sins against gender stereotype..So here I go, but mind you I am keeping it short and sweet..

I do not use nail polish and other cosmetics
I do not visit the beauty parlour
I have no interest in jewellery and dressing up
I don't know the names of sarees or materials
I don't have the patience to sit and do craft work/embroidery
I can stand for hours in queues to pay bills
I have a really short temper
I don't have a soft and soothing voice
I have been the only female in buses so many times
I can keep secrets!!!

Anyone not yet tagged, please consider tagged by me..