Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Princess

Another Princess enters the blogworld..
DC has given birth to a healthy baby girl on 29th March.. Mom and baby are doing good..
Wishing the little one all the happiness in the world and best wishes to DC and C and family..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Punch's (secret) Trading Account

Punch needs to have a trading and demat account..And thanks to that one person for thinking abt her..I have failed in my duty as a parent to open a trading account for her..here's how things went..

tring tring ..my phone rings and I answer the call.
Person at other end (X): Can I speak to Punch?
X: Is Punch available? I want to talk to her..
Me: may i know reg what?
X: I want to suggest to her to open a demat and trading account with my firm since I have a tie up with the bank in which she has an account..It will be very useful as she can do day trading from home itself and make good money..
Me: ( almost getting teary eyed as this one person is so good at marketing that he wants a 2 yr old to do day trading)..Ok, I will call you when needed.. (almost wanting to say she is not yet introduced to shares and stocks)

It's sad that Punch was asleep when the call came, else she would have spoken and discussed her future plans herself..or does she already have a secret account in Swiss??

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Punch Chali Amica

Punch has been told that her Babba (uncle) has gone in an aeroplane to America.. Since she was unable to pronounce USA we taught her to say America and she pronounces America as Amica.

Yesterday Punch was sitting next to her father and suddenly she said " Amica Amica come" meaning she wants us to take her to Amica..She kept on repeating the words and when asked to get ready she promptly went to the shoe rack and wore her father's formal shoe in one leg and sports shoe in another and went and stood near the main door to go to Amica..

She seems to be in a hurry...