Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back after a Backache

I know its a long time since I wrote a post on this blog. I was laid up with backache, something very usual. I wanted to shrug it off and started cleaning the house. In my over enthusiasm, I did some acrobatics to clean some corners of the ceiling only to end with up with a sprain. Now, I am fine and thus this post. Thanks Trishna, aargee, DDMom and Sahiti's Mom for ur kind enquiries. I am touched.

On a happier note, AA_Mom has bestowed me with the Power of Schmooze award coz I am cool according to her. Thanks a lot, dear.

P.S: More rants and complaints (as usual) coming up from the next post onwards!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Please (Don't) Park In Front of the Gate...

Generally a "Please Don't Park In Front of the Gate" board is hung outside residential and commercial buildings. Nothing new in this, I know. I was passing through a building opposite a place of worship. And not one, but two gates in this building had these boards. The funny thing was a Santro and another vehicle were parked right in front of the gate and face to face with the board..(poor guys, may be the people driving the two vehicles are illiterate). All of a sudden a white POSH sedan stopped in between and managed to squeeze into the place between these two cars. The car driver was certainly the owner {well dressed you see..} He hardly bothered to see/read that board whereas it was clearly visible to him. He parked the car coolly and went off to the place of worship.

Well, I might be called a fool to blog about this, but even this issue is of concern to me. What if some critically ill patient in the building needs to be transported immediately to the hospital and these cars pose a barrier..Yamraj will not extend the life of a person just to wait till the car owner comes and removes his car and then the patient is transported to hospital..What if the guy who parked his vehicle in such a way had to face the same from the other side??

If people ignore such small things and then complain of heavy traffic and things,it is just not justified...There is no need to wait for a good day/time to follow traffic rules/parking rules..What is the harm if you park your car a few buildings away (and definitely not in front of another similar board) and walk down ten steps extra to the place of worship??

Friday, October 12, 2007

My Grandpa

In my last post, I mentioned about my paternal grandpa. His desire was to see all his grandchildren study well and get good marks (1st Rank). As a dutiful granddaughter, I was able to fulfill this wish of his. He used to alternate his stay with us and our uncle. We used to correspond regularly through letters.His letters would always contain the words "study well, get good marks"...I would write to him after every test result comes out and intimate the marks and would get a congratulatory letter back from him.

My school had the practice of intimating the first three rank holders through post a couple of days before the annual results came out. Needless to say, grandpa would be more tense/excited than me and we both would eagerly await the postman by looking out through the balcony. He would even schedule his evening and morning walk near my school so that if he sees any of my teachers, he would be able to get quality information. I would be rewarded with roasted groundnuts and sukha bhel puri frequently so that I study well and get him the first rank. And yes, the yearly subscription to a children's magazine would be his gift to me.

Here's one incident that I would like to share. I was expecting my 10th std results. Naturally he was more tense than me.. and on top of that he was not in town and scheduled to come home exactly around the time the results were to be announced in my school. The taxi came home and on seeing that he has arrived I ran to the taxi to receive him and help out with the luggage. He got out of the taxi and the first words he uttered was (obviously) " Have the results been announced? Why so late in announcing?"

I was both surprised and shocked..Oh god he is so obsessed with my results.. He did not wait till he got down, collected the luggage and come home..In a way it added to my tension cause I sensed that he has high expectations from me.. He dropped off the luggage at home and came with me to my school inspite of being tired after a long train journey. Thank god, I got good marks and topped my school..Even today when I think of this taxi incident, I laugh a lot and at the same time realise how much he cares for me..

Till a couple of years back, we used to write letters to each other, but the advent of e-mail and near-to-local charge STD rates has stopped the correspondence. Now he asks me to send photos so that he can be shown the same on the computer!!! He says email me to say you are fine, your parents will convey the message to me ! Tech savvy grandpa indeed!

My First (Blogging) Award

Itw has given me this award as according to her, my blog is a networking hub. I'm thrilled to bits..cause this is totally unexpected!!! Thks ITW...

Its my first award in the field of blogging and also the first award after college. I still have the certificates and prizes (Brain Vita, steel plates, Story Books, Pictionary etc) won by me since my pre-primary school days.. It feels great to add another one to the kitty. As is my usual practice, I will be conveying this news to my grandpa cause he is most happy when I get a prize!! (separate post on that later on ). After all, awards do not come my way everyday!

I pass on this award to Boo (Boo, yours was the first blog I chanced upon during some google search. Have been hooked on ever since..) DotMom, mnamma, Trishna, Moppet's Mom and Deepthi.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ford Fiesta

I have great pleasure in announcing that we got our Fiesta yesterday. This is just a model picture, we have a platinum coloured Fiesta.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One Word Does It All

Guess what.. I am now getting more and more visitors to my blog with the help of one word.


I had already mentioned in one of my earlier posts that many visitors to my blog come here by searching for TIMEPASS in Google search. I am happy to say that the number of such visitors is rising by the day. TOUCH WOOD..

I had not even dreamt while creating this blog that so many people will use the same word on Google search. Timepass is a typical Mumbai slang and I am glad to see that there are so many like me who use this word.

My heartfelt thanks to all readers, please keep the Google search for TIMEPASS going high!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

No "L" In Timepass

To the people who wonder at me being systematic...

All I want to say is that I am systematic only with respect to what I mentioned in the post.. As there is no "L" in the word Timepass, my readers did not get to know a special quality of mine.. and that is

L for Lazy

I proudly present herewith some instances to prove my point.. (note to self- don't divulge everything you fool, else the handful of readers to your blog will also stop visiting)

I used to leave for work at 7-7.30, so my mom used to pack me some tiffin for breakfast. The lazy person I am, I used to postpone eating the tiffin. But my cubicle mate used to be pretty hungry I suppose, so he would remind me " I think your mom has made some tiffin for you. Why don't u eat it? (and give it to me too)" . So think what would have happened when the cubicle mate was absent or did not remind me of this.

I used to just take enough money for the bus fare and auto fare cause the office was close by. Once I remember, I did not have enough change but I ignored it thinking anyways I am coming by bus, so what if there is no money for auto fare. I was too lazy to take that money from home or withdraw from the ATM inspite of kind reminders from family.

Once I left office a bit late in the evening and could not get a bus. I hired an auto and confidently sat in it when I realised that I was running a bit short of money. No probs, anyways the auto has to stop before my house and I can always run in to get the extra money is what an intelligent(lazy) me thought. I was greeted at the doorstep by my fuming grandpa and mom and I did not bother to look into their faces till I disposed off the auto guy. This has happened so many times..

Before I start rattling off more (and worse) stupid acts of mine, I have decided to keep my bacha kucha izzat intact and so I finish this post here..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dream Come True!!

Remember this?

"Since blogging happened to me, my dreams are also related to blogging. Just yesterday night, I dreamt that i got a dozen comments for my latest post. Needless to say, as soon as I woke up, I logged on to blogger but only found just a single comment..Pooh.. (I found solace in thinking that atleast in my dream, my blog is popular)."

This is an extract from one of my earlier posts. Well friends, I have received 17 (yes 17) comments for my previous post on a Tag. So, its a dream come true for me. Thanks all for making this possible and making this dream come true.

Who says Dreams do not come true??, they do....(psst..atleast some dreams come true right??)