Monday, May 24, 2010

Q & A Time

Have a look at our Q&A time..

Me: Punch, where did you go yesterday?

Punch: Auto la Bye

Me: What did doctor do?

Punch: Papa oosi ( shows the spot where she was given the injection)

Me: How did u cry?

Punch: uuu uuu uuu

Me: Then what did amma do?

Punch: dacha payam (dry grapes)

Me: then what did u do?

Punch: umm ummm ( symbolising eating dry grapes)

Me: Then what happened? ( I expect her to say she stopped crying)

Punch: amma unnum dacha payam! ( amma gave more dry grapes)

So, I will get this answer till we cover the number of dry grapes she ate..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

E-Book and Punch's Latest talent

This blog has been included in Indusladies' Mommy Bloggers ebook. Its nice to be part of this initiative. Thanks to Punch who is nowadays the fodder for all posts.
Punch is doing fine now, the cold has subsided. Day before yesterday, when the maid was cleaning the ceiling fan, she insisted on doing it herself and we had to oblige ( the maid carried her so that she could reach the fan and Punch happily dusted the fan). When the maid came yesterday, Punch immediately ran and pulled a chair below the same fan cleaned the previous day and asked the maid to stand on the chair so that she can carry Punch and Punch can clean the fan..This is how we get entertained at home without switching on the TV.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Punch has caught a cold since few days. She refuses to co-operate when we give her the drops. So brilliant me and the Mr thought of an idea and this is what we did..

Me: Come on Mr, open ur mouth, i will put medicine
Mr: no no, i dont want ..aaaa ( pretending to cry)
Me: It is so sweet, come on taste it
Mr: ok, (I pretend to put the drops in his mouth and he pretends to swallow it)
Mr: It was so nice..
Me: Ok, now u r done, who's next to take the medicine?

Punch was a silent spectator to all this drama and the moment i asked the above question, she replied " Amma"
There goes the 1st instalment of my brilliance.. I pretend that all is not lost and still ask her " Ok, after amma who?"
She says " Abba"
Now, did you hear me saying the I am brilliant, it must have surely been an illusion or a dream!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Apni R's mom has generously bestowed me with this award.. Thks a ton..
Now the format for announcing the award..

1.. Thank the person that gave this to you....
Thanks once again, R's mom

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
Pl. see above

3.List three things you love about yourself
a) I am easygoing and follow "Take it easy policy"

b) I am a very big miser when it comes to buying things for myself
c) I get sudden bouts of activeness which results in tasks getting done fast ( rarely happens though)

4. Post a picture you love

This is for Swaram and Pooh..

note: scene recreated from one of Punch's adventures..Hope you remember this..

5.Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award
well, I will not tag 5..I tag all the readers of this post..

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The groceries bought from the supermarket were lying in the corner when Punch woke up from her afternoon nap. As is her habit of raiding things, she went near the bag and starting pulling out all things. I had purchased a Domex Toilet Bleach bottle, she held it in her hands and said " AApic, Aapic" I could not understand anything and then she made an imaginary circle with that bottle and said "AApic AApic". She was demonstrating the use of the product as seen in TV. She meant to say Harpic..I am surprised to see her memory nowadays.