Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing with words

I hereby confess that already Punch overpowers me with words at every possible, she does not take after me in this department too.

1. I tell her patiently and lovingly that I am your friend, you must listen to me, I will get you your favourite things etc etc and she retorts back..yes amma, you are my friend, do not scold or hit me, then I will cry no, ok

2. Punch likes shortcuts such as peeing on the floor instead of going to the bathroom when she is engrossed in seeing TV. Inspite of many reminders, she just does not listen to me..but the smart girl she is, she gets up and puts the doormat over the pee area and then comes to me and says amma, get me another dress, this dress is wet and pretends to be deaf when i ask how did it get wet.

Any special tips for me to overpower her?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Want to feel Pampered?

Then come over to our house.. where you can get free service (namely trimming ur eyebrows and a hair cut)

yes, Punch is now in this business..

It all started with a visit to the beauty parlour for her haircut where she had a chance to see the above mentioned services being done while waiting for her turn.

Punch uses superior quality threads for threading i.e. the plastic thread from ur friendly utensil cleaner (brush).. I was subjected to this world class state of the art be assured that she uses all hygienic equipments!

and our Mr (remember him) comes back late from work but feels rejuvenated after trimming his hair daily..first Punch uses imaginary spray on him ( with full audio support) and then proceeds with the hair cut and finally shows him the mirror ( and thank god not the main door).. and then the Mr is ordered in English (yes) " All the children, dance"..

So, when are you fixing an appointment? its all free so hurry up..

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ka Hua

This is Punch's first word in Hindi..
I wish it would have been Kya Hua..
and also she would have first asked me..
the lucky recipient of this question was her stuffed toy Doreman.
Now she also says Ye Lo ( take this)