Monday, September 22, 2008

Main Hu Ghatotkach

Nahi nahi mein ghatotkach (s/o balwan bheem) nahi hu... Nor am I Jai Hanuman.. (Daddy sings these songs to Punch all the time and I remember them more than my name) Maybe to indirectly say that my figure resembles that of Ghatotkach (shhhh its a secret)

All is well with me friends..Lavs, thanks for asking..

Well, Punch (yes, that's how she will be known henceforth on this blog) is keeping me on my toes all the time. Before u ask why Punch, that's because she closes her fist tightly and blesses us with punches..( and also cause I am unable to come up with some other good name for her)

I am unable to write comments on the blogs i visit due to extreme paucity of time (and partly laziness) and also due to the fact that I want to use the time spent on commenting in one blog to greedily read another blog in jet speed before Punch gets up. Please bear with me friends, I am reading your blogs as I used to do before.

Punch is now four months old and a big bundle of fun. Her hobby of screaming at ten in the night still continues though she has taken pity on us now by sleeping at around midnight daily. More updates will be posted shortly.

I am now enjoying the experience of seeing four generations under a single roof now..If you want to have that experience, well, drop in anytime...but fully energised and charged (by drinking glucose etc) before u ENTER..cause u will be drained out in a short while...