Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chimdan Tales

Me: Punch, did u eat tiffin at school today
Punch: Yes
Me: what did you eat ( purposely)
Punch: Dosa, but chimdan spilled the sambar

FYI: I give her maximum 2 spoons of sambar in a tight container and I don't know chimdan spilled whose sambar?

Me: Punch, when is ur happy birthday
Punch: May tonty (20)
Me: what are you going to do that day?
Punch: Cut a big cake
Me: who will come to ur birthday?
Punch: A, B, C, D etc
but amma, chimdan will eat all the cake
so i will not call her

FYI: Chimdan is Punch's version of Simran, her classmate.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Damsel in Distress

Punch was having a nice time in the play area of our apartment complex. As usual, she protested when asked to come home. I finally had enough of her " 2 minutes" and "3 minutes" and I lifted her and carried her away from the play area. She started screaming " Mujhe Chhod do, Mujhe Chhod do" much to my amusement. What a talented nautanki we have here..and till two months back she did not know a word in Hindi.