Monday, September 6, 2010

Reporting from undisclosed location..

Why am I reporting from a secret location?
Because Punch spared no efforts to make my izzat ka falooda..

We took the biggest risk of taking a one week trip to 5 places in Karnataka/Andhra Pradesh alongwith Punch. Daily showdowns were an integral part of the trip. some izzat ka falooda moments were:

Punch refused to get down from the train..we travelled only through train and boarded 5 trains and each time she shouted and screamed and refused to get down

If you happened to see a screaming toddler at Bangalore's Total Mall and Forum (Whitefield) mall last week, it was Punch of course..she refused to come home from both malls, Total Mall witnessing more footfalls that day due to Punch's free tamasha of rolling on the ground and screaming and refusing to come out of the play area..upar se since it was raining, more people took shelter in the mall and got to see free tamasha

We were on the a 3 hour train journey to Hospet and Punch had skipped her afternoon nap, so it was tantrum time..she screamed and cried and jumped so much for so long that finally a co-passenger told me to console her somehow and make her quiet since it was causing disturbance to all others..this was my izzat ka falooda moment.. thank god myself and the Mr did not react otherwise and many many thanks that my father was not accompanying us! that's because had he joined us that day, we would have witnessed a murder in that compartment!! how can anyone dare to say this about his dearest grandchild..

The only good things being a peaceful and long pending pilgrimage (inspite of bad weather and high water levels in Tungabhadra river) and a visit to my birth place.