Friday, July 13, 2007

What Do U Call This??

Early mornings in the house are marked by my family wandering around waiting for the newspaper to arrive. Grandparents keep looking from the windows and balconies to see if the newspaper boy is coming down the road (of course to catch hold of the paper first). Dad keeps opening the door every minute to check if the paper has come. On top of that each of us keep asking each other “Has the newspaper come”. I keep a watch on dad as well as grandparents and accordingly plan to grab the newspaper once it comes.
A small round table conference (Extraordinary General Meeting) gets underway to discuss possible reasons of delay and the alternative of getting a copy from the local shop. The tension prevailing is immense.
No visitor to the household is welcomed as nicely as the newspaper boy. Only he is entitled to a red carpet welcome with all family members waiting at the door before he comes. Finally his majesty comes with our Kohinoor... Of course, dad asks him why he is late but by that time the boy (who comes in jet speed) goes off to the next delivery and we competitors grab the paper. Then comes the actual fun of fighting it out.
Thankfully, newspapers come with loads of pages (for customers like us may be). So in a few minutes, dad settles down with the financial pages, me with General Knowledge section and grandparents with current affairs, astrological predictions (and obituaries of course). All are satisfied, but the next argument comes during the rotation of papers to each other.

The smartest is mom who gets to read the full paper though last in the line. This hobby of ours extends to magazines as well (let me tell you that the whole magazines is read one person at a time). Needless to say, a holiday for the newspaper spells a bad next day for us (since no newspaper the next day).


Trishna said...

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Thanx for visiting my blog..I must say...this makes a great read..I will come and check out other posts later..:)Keep writing!

timepass said...

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~nm said...

Hehehe..just trying to imagine this scene makes me giggle! Reminds me of school days when we all would vie to get the copies of new comics and magazines the first from the school library! :D