Friday, July 6, 2007


I happen to forward one of the many forwarded mails I get to some people. The content of the mail was regarding people not being able to keep in touch with each other and the mail ended saying Hi from my side and asking the receiver to keep in touch. Look what reply I got from one such receiver. "X" replied to me saying "How are you? You have sent a mail after a long time. Howz things with u?". What does this mean? I have forwarded the mail to people saying hi, long time no mail from you and keep in touch and it bounces back on me?? The said person has not been in touch for a long time and whenever I mail, I get one line replies. See how cleverly the buck was passed on to me. But the generous person that I am, I will still be in touch with this person inspite of this. coz...thats me..

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