Thursday, July 12, 2007

See What I Made..

Yup, yummy burgers is what I made yesterday. It was totally unplanned though. I had leftover boiled veggies (carrots, beans, white and red pumpkin, colacasia (Arbi in Hindi) and yam) which I mashed, added salt and masalas and shaped into cutlets and grilled the same on the tawa instead of frying. I use Brown Bread generally so that’s what is in the picture. Plus one literally unseen item is the chutney spread on the bread slice. Its skinned bengal gram (Dhuli Kala Channa) chutney. Some lettuce and a slice of tomato would have made it more delicious is what I feel now. Anyways, don't get misled by the date in the photo as in a hurry to show off, I forgot to set the date in the camera.

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