Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In a Lighter Vein..

We had been to the UK on an assignment and returned back after 1.5 yrs after the project got over. When we returned back to India, we were welcomed with many questions from relatives, friends and acquaintances. Obvious questions included “Why did you come back” (cause I wanted to come back, what’s your problem?), “How much money did u save” (10 crores, do u want a share too?). We fielded all questions with great humour.

But the amusing part was most people didn’t know that UK and US are not the same!! My neighbour actually asked me “ People going to the US from India never come back to India, why did u come?? Hello Lady what’s your problem on earth?? I have come back to stay in my own country and my own house and I am the first to pay the monthly building maintenance fees (read unlike others). So my coming back should not pose any sort of problem to you. And first of all, for heavens sake, US and UK are not the same, they are separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

People who I didn’t know at all starting smiling after I became foreign returned.. and asked me how was the trip. The local grocer asked me how was foreign, I said good, then he said where did u go? Dubai or Singapore or Malaysia?? Oh God, are these the only countries we are supposed to go to?? I then realized that most labourers go to the Gulf Area or Malaysia for work, so that’s why this question.

People looking at us would scan us from head to toe and comment “ You look the same, how come?? People coming back from foreign usually look fairer and heavier..” Is it necessary that everyone satisfies this clause?? Will we be deported back abroad (from the Immigration counter) by any chance if this clause is not satisfied??

Another question arising in the minds of people included “ Now that u have come back, when are u going again??” What’s your problem, I am very happy here is what I want to retort back but just pass it off with a wide smile. No matter what economic progress we make, our citizens still feel going abroad (and not coming back hahaha) as a matter of status. What do my reader friends have to say about this??


Jan said...

Read some of your blog. We have just watched many hours of a movie about india called the jewel in the crown. I just happened upon your blog while jumping from on to the next. Jan.

Poppins said...

Absolutely ! Same questions here too ditto.

easycrafts said...

enjoyed reading u r blog a lot