Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Ask Me Directly

instead of asking Punch

where did u go yesterday evening?
did u go to ur grandma's house?
does ur mom take care of u?
are u ur mom's/dad's pet?
what did XYZ give u as gift?
when are u going abroad?
etc etc..

Punch can reply to these questions only when she speaks, so if you are willing to wait till then, I have no issues..pls wait..but if you want the answers now itself, you have no other option but to ask me...


Munchkin said...

You were was a firefox issue...and haha on the post...pple really annoy us new mothers all the time na?

Mimi said...

so irritating na..i used to try and answer all the questions...then i stopped...LOL!!! if u are asking the Pipette..she can very well answer you.when she starts talking!!!LOL!

Priyanka said...

LOL!! :) Very funny and so true :) Annoying junta.