Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harvest Time

Like our farmers, I am pleased to show you the result of my harvest for this season..

Punch had very less hair at birth, and this disappointed me a bit..On top of that, relatives visiting us would always say.." Oh, you (Timepass) had lot of hair when u were born". Of course, I did not really care for it. We joked that she sported a military cut..

The daily coconut oil massage has slightly paid off and I am pleased to show you the results...After tonsuring her head when she turns 1, we hope to get a bumper harvest!! Your good wishes are very much needed..


DC said...

oh how cute! won't you show us the baby's face? am sure it is just adorable!

AA_Mom said...

Even if it is just her head, enjoyed the glimpse

Lavs said...

congrats..even Lb was born he had swollen head as he was stuck in my he has more hair than at birth..but still there is more work to be done:)

Priyanka said...

Cute cute...but I want to see the face too...pretty pretty please :)

Mama - Mia said...

cool hair punch! :D

and no kid will grow up bald! so chill! hehe!



Artnavy said...

punch has a cool hairstyle

anush did not sprout any for a very long time

mnamma said...

The kudumi looks ultra cute :) Wish I could see her face!

Timepass said...

Thks all..
Punch wants aunties to meet her in person..thats why only the hairstyle is put up!!