Monday, January 5, 2009

Does Inflation really exist??

I thought that inflation has hit consumers very badly etc etc but when I see the crowds in the jewellery shops..No one will dare to agree with the above statement.. Jewellery shops are more crowded by the day and I see people cribbing about the high gold prices on one hand and buying jewels on the other hand..And I see lot of 1000 rupee notes only with people coming to buy jewellery..The T.Nagar area never seems to have a dearth of shoppers..but generally people say everything has become so costly..we are unable to make ends meet..(while shopping for jewels of course..)

(P.S: If u ask me what was i doing in the jewellery shop, yours truly was accompanying a potential buyer..) And yes there are people who are really hit by soaring prices..


Pixie said...

I know... I wonder about it too... how can they afford it? are we the only ones who have been affected?

Pixie said...

Oh, forgot to add - Can I blogroll you as well? :)

Artnavy said...

In chennai jewelry and sari shopping takes precedence over food i think