Tuesday, February 3, 2009


wherein the M's mean Marriage, Masala news and Mosquitoes in whichever order you prefer..

Punch decided to get a new aunt and so got her uncle married recently. Punch being the good hostess that she is, she quietly slept off (which was surprising knowing her penchant for remaining awake all the time) during the main rituals..But nevertheless, she was attacked by some very very nice people who insisted on pulling a crying child from her mom's arms and carrying the child themselves and also the next nice category of people who love to pinch a crying baby's cheeks very hard. Yes, dear friends..the world is beautiful because of such lovely people who do this knowing very well that the child cannot backfire..

And yes, I would love to mention about the lovely people who stand in front of you and say

"Guess who" ..(arre bhai only if we meet regularly I will remember you, on top of that distant ka distant relatives cannot be stored in my memory..so how can i remember you unless u tell your name and how we are related..)

I attended ur wedding and u forgot me..( arre so many people attended my wedding..and why do you want me to remember my barbadi ka din people???)

You were slim but now u have become fat..(yes yes yes..don't you have anything else to say?? I welcomed you with open arms and this is what I get in return from u??? did i ask you how come u became FAT? which HAIR DYE u use?? why do u wear anklets that suit a kid when u r a grandma?? )

Mosquitoes came in full strength to bless the couple and stayed on to please(torture) the guests staying at the hall..this inspite of putting the AC on.. and yes as in every wedding, here also, apna old aunties who try to show off that they are not old had their gracious presence felt..there was a good conversation about who is wearing what and the history of that Saree/jewel... and yes the match making bureau was working overtime to find who has eligible girls/boys for marriage..

Punch is now crawling fast and is all over the house. She has started to try to stand up with whatever is in front of her..eg..chair, box, sofa or when one of us stand before her. And yes, she has inaugurated the kitchen drawers by throwing cups all over the kitchen. I have two more weddings in about a month and I am kept reminded by family as to how will I manage this busy bee at those weddings..God give me the strength..

One point which I better mention else my head will burst..

A not so well to do guest gifted Rs 51 which is acceptable, but if the same amount is gifted by a person who is well to do, is a family friend since decades, comes well decked with jewels and whose sons are abroad, I just do not know what to say?? Maybe, the person was running short of change that day!! Sukhi raho janta...


Anonymous said...

hahahha this is hillarious!!hope punch had fun in the wedding!

Unknown said...

Totally with you on the comments about weight...everyone just seems to take great pleasure in pointing it out...hello! I popped a baby poeple!

Priyanka said...

OMG! You described the typical Indian Wedding scene :)
Many people tried to pull Aashna away from me (during our India trip) even when she resisted, I would just pull her back. I truly didn't care what anybody thought, because I felt more responsibility towards my baby than to these people. I wonder when these people will learn that babies are human too.

Priyanka said...

BTW, Whats Punch's Birth date?

Mama - Mia said...


oh well. let punch crawl all over the place at the wedding. i was quuiitte happy to let Cubby go to other people (he wouldnt cry then) and have the pleasure of walking around in a saree without worrying of it coming off!! :p




Timepass said...

Thks all..we had fun at the wedding..Punch DOB is 20th May..