Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Advance Intimation

Lest you keep thinking why suddenly no posts from me ..this is one of the reasons why i would not be blogging (once it really happens)..Yes this is the humble deed of Punch..she poked out the eyes of this poor doll within minutes of getting it as a gift..

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Pixie said...


I had a doll like that, but apparently, I had pulled out all its hair and used to call the doll - "Bodi" - thats bald in Kannada!! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG !:) It looks like the doll from 'Child's Play' movie..scarryyy :)


Munchkin said...

You've been tagged btw :)

Collection Of Stars said...

When KT was born, I was glad that I had a daughter. I was all geared up to having a sweet little child who would not be destructive and naughty but I was so wrong. She is the most destructive child that I have ever known.
Looks like your Punch is no better :)

DC said...

hello there... you have been tagged.

Swati said...

hehheheh..its her gift ..so she can do anything about it