Sunday, March 15, 2009

The 25 facts Tag

Here you go DC, this is the reply to ur tag..

I strongly believe in take it easy policy, jaane bhi do yaaron, bindaas..
I can merge and mix well with people at the lowest rung of society but feel uncomfortable with the higher rungs, don't know why ..maybe inferiority complex??
My views on certain topics will make people feel that i belong to a bygone era and not to the current generation and I don't say no.
I am a Maha Kanjoos aka Miser when it comes to buying things for myself
I feel shy to ask anyone for help, i don't know why but it makes me feel odd to ask
I dislike it if people pronounce names of people/places incorrectly
I am short tempered but hold that temper inside till highly unmanageable and show the anger on myself
I love chaat but relish it only if made in the right way
I yearn to visit my birth place, its been about 7 yrs since i last visited
I have visited Asia's largest slum Dharavi a number of times and each time I came out I thanked god for making me stay in the otherwise small single bedroom apartment and giving me the basic necessities of life that are inaccessible to lakhs of people
I have to read the newspaper the first thing in the morning as soon as i get up (sadly not possible since Punch arrived)
I regret the diminishing relations and contacts with cousins/uncles/aunties who were so close in the era of letters but now in the era of emails and mobile, they are drifting apart.
I just cannot speak and argue well even when I am right.
I find it amusing when people judge me just because i stayed in a particular city some time back
I cannot bear to see old people begging/ailing/suffering
I am not interested in jewels, clothes and fact my wedding sarees were shortlisted by a gang of 7-8 people while i was sitting on a chair nearby and hearing them argue on which saree to select
I still choke when i remember that once a very old lady gave a torn saree to the tailor for mending it and he said nothing can be done to make the saree wearable..and she tried her best to make him stitch that torn saree as she had no other ones to wear
I love to pull my grandpa's ears..i mean I really pull his ears with my hands..and hear him call me donkey of the pleasures of life
I need to get that 8 hrs of sleep else i feel something different..but past 1 yr i am doing good without that 8 hrs of sleep
I never discuss all my problems with others!! i mean not everything is shared
I miss my childhood days a lot but hope to give Punch a similar and even more better childhood
I just don't like it when people don't respect their elders and talk rudely to them
If I happen to understand the language in which people nearby are talking, i never reveal it till necessary..(yes that's very mean of me but i do this to avoid any controversies)
I don't like it when people talk bad about a particular place (in which i have lived previously) without knowing the facts
I generally don't borrow money from anyone but if i borrow, i cant rest till i return it back

and one bonus fact..
I remember all the bad words used by people on me..just cant forget it

Now tell me, would you like to know the identity of this foolish person?? That's why my identity is anon..(since some readers have asked why am i anon..)..


DC said...

Timepass, thanks for doing this tag.
It was nice to know few more things about you and LOL at your pulling your grand father's ears!

neha said...

i felt like i was reading my own story..............

Priyanka said...

You sound like a wonderful person, no need to be an anon :)

AA_Mom said...

The 25 err 26 reasons u gave to be anon are not good enough, humor me some more :)

p.s: I am anon too as I think i feel more comfortable that way.

Mystic Margarita said...

all the more reason to want to know you better than anon, ya know!

I thought I left a comment on your previous post...but must have pressed some wrong key. Just wanted to say that Punch looks adorable even from the back! :)

Mama - Mia said...

cool read! :)



Anonymous said...

TP, that was great! at many places I felt we are so similar. *hugs*

Hitha Gotur said...

Nice to know you Anon... : )

Hitha said...

loved ur 25 facts tag...I too have my list...have a look...

BTW ,I would like to know u....I dont get this anon thing....I think u r sooper cool :)

Hitha said...

Hi Anon,

I’ve linked to your blog from my blog roll. Would appreciate if you too could add me to your link list.
Hoping to share a lot of mommy & baby experiences going forward....
My blog :
Waiting to hear from you.
Thanks, so much.

Suparna said...

Hi EC,
I am glad that I hopped into this blog from ur cookery blog. Phooooo...there's so much of me here am actually having a sinking feeling...mmmm actually numbness from within.....u've told a lot without telling much actually. There's depth...a lot more deep...Would love to read more from u.
Wishing you n ur family loads of happiness.

Collection Of Stars said...

Great to know these facts about you.
We seem quite alike, you know :)

Kodi's Mom said...

another tag for you at my place!

Lavs said...

Hey Timepass, hope all is well in your world. Long time no news....Punch's first birthday is just around the here is my heartfelt blessings to the cute little girl i met some time back...

Swati said...


DC said...

Happy Birthday to Punch.

Priyanka said...

Hey where are you??

What did you do for Punch's Birthday??

Pipette's Mimi said...

heyy whr r u? long time no updates?

sharanya said...

jus came here yesterday and spent an hour reading your blog still am not bored
loved punch very much and the way u are trying to treasure those memories sure punch would appreciate your blog more than anyone else when she grows up
i would love to know your name ........from wat i read i believe u r a perfect humanbeing with a great family... lucky Mr. and punch to have you in their lives..i mean it