Thursday, February 26, 2009

Punch at 9 Months

Punch completed 9 mths on February 20th. She is in the normal weight and height ranges for her age. Our family has labelled her as a super active baby who never rests nor does allow us to rest (read sleep)..

Nowadays she has become even more sensitive than before to sounds. So we need to take care that no disturbance happens when she sleeps..I ask her " where is grandma/grandpa/dad/puja room/pressure cooker/oven etc" and she looks in the correct direction. As long as someone is physically present in a room, she plays by herself but the moment we leave the room, she senses it and comes out. Her crawl is peculiar in the sense that she bends just one knee and keeps the second knee straight..its funny to see her crawl that way..She is quiet and observant when we go out and particularly likes to see children and smiles at them..

She loves watching cows that are frequent visitors to our street. Her day begins in the morning whenever she finds convenient to get up, then she plays for sometime..A small nap is possible between morning and noon and between noon and evening. She loves bananas and also eats boiled rice porridge, apples, mosambi juice and boiled carrots. Sometimes I give her mashed dal with ghee and salt. Her clear preference for sweet items shows that she has a sweet tooth like daddy.

The moment she senses that one of us is going out/opening the main door, she crawls at lightening speed to come up to us..She can stand with support but still has a toothless smile! She loves making noise with plastic covers and cups etc..when we say lie down, she lies down but only for 2-3 seconds..she keeps on a pillow. When the fridge/cupboards are open, she is present from nowhere to rummage into them.
All in all, a wholesome backbreaking demanding family entertainer is what I call Punch... If you happen to come to a house with toys strewn all round, newspapers all over a room, puja items in all corners of another room, a battery less TV remote with the batteries in north and south direction, cable wires strewn all over, all neatly folded clothes lying hither tither on the floor, cups and utensils all over the kitchen without an inch to walk and suddenly realise that someone is behind you and trying to stand up by holding you, welcome to my home...I guarantee you will not dream of coming even by mistake the next time!!


DC said...

oh what a riot! totally enjoyed the post... it was as if i could see punch at her work :-)

and you are wrong, who would not want to visit a house with such an active baby.. it sure must be fun!

Pixie said...


How cute! :)

Mama - Mia said...

thats sounds like a perfect home for baby! :D

she sounds so cute and adorable! god bless!



Unknown said...

aww...she growing up so fast! and sounds like an angel compared to my rowdy son!

Timepass said...

DC- Looks like u r very strong..chalo come home dear
Abha-cute and adorable she is, but dont forget the adjective mischief!!!
Munchkin-Chalo,lets have a competition to decide whos the best rowdy!!and angel???what's that dear???

Anonymous said...

Its really cool that she senses when somebody is going out :) How they love to get out of the house.
And that truly sounds like a lovely lovely home for a baby :)