Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To B.... or Not to...

Hello everyone,
Hope all is well. The past few months have been bit hectic for me( though I could easily have been more efficient..). Thanks to the bunch of people who thought of asking my whereabouts..and to those who must have thought about it but not asked..It feels nice to be enquired about..and also a good feeling that people are actually waiting for a new post.
The title of this post says B...wherein B stands for Blog..and yes I am wondering whether I would be able to keep posting here.. And can i dare to earn your wrath by not writing about Punch? The baldy taklu Punch is doing good and has a nice time making me follow her wherever she moves..May I request you to pray to God that she grows enough hair soon so that I can put on a cute clip on her..


Collection Of Stars said...

Welcome back :)
I will pray for little Punch's hair :)

Pipette's Mimi said...

I mean..Nooooooo..you didnt cut her hair!tell me u didnt@@

And Noooooooooo... you better not stop blogging..come back already!!

Lavs said...

Atleast you can pray for hair to put that cute clip on..what will I pray for?

Anonymous said...

Oh comeon, I'm sure you can find some time to blog. What did you do for Punch's 1st B'day?

Timepass said...

COS-thks, hope ur prayers yield the desired result!!
Mimi- small correction dear, we did not cut her hair...the barber shaved it!!!hahha
Lavs-U also pray for the same and I will send u cute clips!!!
Priyanka-have mailed u..