Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Inflation ka asaar..

Yes Inflation is attacking me everywhere so much that I am getting fewer comments for my posts. Not that I used to get a dozen comments before, atleast a couple of comments would come my way from generous readers.. I know I blog very irregularly now and comment on very few other blogs, is that the reason? Is it that the posts I write are faltu and useless and everyone exits the screen cursing me??
Arre janta janardhan mujhpe meherbani karo..


Lavs said...

happy? one comment for you through this:)

Lavs said...

one more

Anusha said...

guilty of reading & not commenting! I enjoy your posts..just too lazy to double click, open in browser and comment :)

AA_Mom said...

me too guilty of reading & not commenting! good to know we mean something even after your baby's arrival :)

DC said...

hee hee.. same case with mine :-(

some fancy tools that i installed tell me that ppl visit my blog.. but somehow they don't leave a comment.

~nm said...

As you had commented on one of my posts..we are in the same boat even if we are busy with different stuff!

Harish Suryanarayana said...

+1 :)

Anonymous said...

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