Thursday, December 18, 2008

A moment of Glory

A decade ago, a young girl who had just written her Final year degree exams applied for a job in an MNC and got the job. A training session was held for 3 months and this was where the girl came to know that she was among the two people who had yet to graduate!, all others being PG holders. The girl felt very insecure amongst so many highly qualified people and at the same time felt nice to be sitting with such people. Most of the colleagues were polite and good to her but somehow she felt that some of them felt bad that they are made to attend sessions with an ordinary not yet graduated girl. The Production Manager was a very rude and strict person who used to spare no words to scold the trainees if they performed badly.

One day an assignment of preci writing was given to the trainees. When the alloted time was over and the answer sheets were evaluated, the manager came in as usual to announce the results. He was looking very very angry and he had the sheets in his hand. He picked out two sheets and called out the names written on the sheets, the first sheet belonging to the girl whom we are talking about. Needless to say, the girl started trembling and waiting for what the manager was going to say. The manager kept quiet for a couple of moments as if done deliberately to increase the girl's tension, she had by now prepared herself mentally that her job is gone.. and that she does not deserve to be among so many highly qualified double graduates and MBA's.

Finally the manager broke his silence to say.." Except for these two, the rest (answer sheets) are crap".. The girl just could not believe what she heard..After a minute, the manager said that this young girl is the higher scorer among the two. And he left immediately murmuring something...Immediately, all trainees pounced upon the answer sheet of the girl to see what was so special in it..The evaluator later said that only this girl and another trainee understood the true meaning of preci writing, the others just rewrote the paras again without reducing the size of the para.

P.S Yes, the girl mentioned above is ME ME ME..Now before I am the recipient of ur eggs/tomatoes/anything I end this (silly) post..


~nm said...

Why eggs or tomatoes? It surely was a moment of glory and worth remembering!!

AA_Mom said...

nice. awesome job. lemme ask you, do you still work?

Squiggles Mom said...

Hi there,
Thanks for prodding me. Things are too hectic overall. I'm trying to catch my breath :).
How are you doing?

Aditi's Album said...

Nice one and congrats to you for that.IT was surely a moment of glory and to re-live the past is always soemthing wonderful.Good luck with Punch

Artnavy said...

and not many can write crisp- it is a gift