Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Tradition

I wonder whether my daughter will keep up my family tradition of:

Rushing to open the door to grab the newspaper the first thing in the morning

Fighting to read the newspaper

Looking out anxiously for the postman every 2 minutes when its time for him to drop the mail/Peering into the postbox whenever passing through it

Regularly alternating between the News channels to get the SAME news

Become a regular long distance train traveller

Just wait for the person seeing TV to vacate the seat and immediately occupy the same and see some boring channel (since the programme to want to see is a good 30 minutes away) for the only reason that no one else should occupy the seat. A better and oft repeated but successful idea is to pick up an argument with the person on that chair so that he vacates the seat after a good quarrel and you end up hearing him cursing you but you get the prized catch of the TV remote..

and many more traditions....

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Artnavy said...

hey i must be your family - i share very similar traditions