Sunday, November 9, 2008

Excellent Customer Service

A small rat was creating lot of trouble for me..I was just not able to catch it inspite of using the locally available rat catching tool..Unfortunately one day, the rat passed away after entering the small hole at the back of my microwave. As I did not have the necessary tools to open up the microwave, I immediately called up the customer service and was assured that a technical guy would be sent to my residence on high priority basis.. This was at 9 in the morning.. I was supposed to get a call from them anytime..but that just did not happen..Inspite of three more reminders, no action was taken..So I approached the local electrician who promptly came and did the needful.

The episode does not end here..After 4 days, I got a call from the local customer service staff who wanted to know when they can come to attend the fault. Perhaps the date of registering the complaint was wrongly entered!!! I would like to recommend this company for the best customer service provider award, please join me in doing so... Yes I know, I could have kept the rat as it is till those guys came to repair and recommend them for another award but subject to me being alive after bearing the stench for 5 days...

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Sharmi said...

hi how are you? After long time here. how is the rat;)