Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Great Divide

KP (Known person) 1 (from chennai): so you moved to pune?
Me: Yes
KP 1: So, what do u eat? Do you get RICE there??

KP2 (also from chennai): So you moved to pune?
Me: Yes
KP2: Do you get SUN TV there?
Me: Yes, on local cable network itself..
KP2: oh, I thought u need DISH to view OUR channels...

Everyone knows we get all Indian items in foreign ( I mean USA only since the word foreign covers only the USA , not even Canada can be included )
I say this because a visit to any other country is as good as staying back in India itself! (in the eyes of ur relatives, neighbourhood and the local grocer and carpenter)

Unfortunately, our people fail to understand that within India, most of the time all groceries are available. So KP1 and KP2, I still live in my country and get fruits, vegetables n groceries in abundance and at almost the same rates as in Chennai.


Swati Kamath said...

Happened to come across your blog. Nice post. Do drop in to my blog to find some more interesting things to know about parenting.

R's Mom said...

hahahaah! thats definitely funny..are you telling me that you get wheat rotis down south as well! wow thanks for that info ;)

Swaram said...


Vini aka Pooh! said...

It is sad such questions still come up. In fact it is down right pathetic. Did you say something back?

Uma said...

How's Pune treating you??

Anonymous said...

But i dont find fault @ KP1 and 2 mainly bcoz,in certain parts of India you really may not get certain south indian veggies and Idli to be precise,even in Ahmedabad,it was @ scarce.
Pune is better as i have seen it.But wonderwhat,in bahrain we do get everything right from vazhai ilai to Kothu parotta.But many think that here the only available item is camel briyani

Timepass said...

@swati-thks for coming here, will visit ur blog
@vini-no i did not say anything..just did not want to..
@uma- Pune is good...I heard that someone came here on an official visit some time back!! do u know her???

@ambulisamma- i lived in ahmedabad and did not find any particular prob with south indian items..
in pune i am seeing readymade dosa atta available just like in chennai

Uma said...

TP - Yes, I was there but for 1/2 a day and was in Hinjewadi...and had to rush back to the airport after the meeting...
Next time I'll plan better :)