Friday, January 7, 2011

Ka Hua

This is Punch's first word in Hindi..
I wish it would have been Kya Hua..
and also she would have first asked me..
the lucky recipient of this question was her stuffed toy Doreman.
Now she also says Ye Lo ( take this)


Anonymous said...

very cute


Swaram said...

Lucky Doreman :)

R's Mom said...

Want to bring her to R? then she will speak only 'shuddh' bambaiya hindi...R infact is thinking of earning quick bucks (Make it R's mom!) Learn mumbaiya hindi in 4 days..of course the caveat being, you need to tolerate R for 4 days ;) jokes apart, super going what if it was to Doreman

Anonymous said...

Its the more rural style, reminds me of 'Lagaan', Kaa Hua??

mnamma said...

:) you go Punch!!!