Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Had Already Told You..

I had already warned you about this here and here..
Yes, I have moved..
This time to Pune..
Punch is fine and started attending Play Group sessions since a month.

P.S: { Will you believe me if I tell you that a new building is being constructed (about 75% complete by now) about 2 houses away from my Chennai residence?}


Swaram said...

Interestinggggg! Come to Hyd next time :P :P

AA_Mom said...

It almost seems like you willed it to happen :). Hope you are enjoying Pune :) Although I am still not sure if you are a Tamil speaking Maharashtrian or a Marathi speaking Tamilian :)

AA_Mom said...

I think either way you should be comfortable and Chennai and Pune doesn't really matter :)

DC said...

miss you :-(

Swati said...

hehe ..when is bangalore's turn ?

Timepass said...

Swaram and swathi...ive just moved recently..give me some time!!
btw bangalore ka turn got over a decade ago itself!

@ DC I am always just a mail away!
@AA Mom - can i consider it as a compliment?thanks in advance!

AA_Mom said...

Consider yourself complimented. Mogambo khush hua!