Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She's got Mail..

The Mr. is busy working on his laptop when Punch interrupts him

Punch: Abba, papa computer

Mr: Abba is busy, Abba has to check mail, not now dear

Punch: Abba, papa computer

Mr: Punch, don't disturb Abba, I am checking mail

After few seconds..

Punch: Abba, Papa mail check

wonder who has mailed her..


Swaram said...

I did :P

Sh@s said...

Lolzz...kids can be really innovative. I loved her name 'punch'.

Anonymous said...

LOL :) Smart kid!

Anonymous said...

That is very smart of her....cool she is...
Aryan's mom

Timepass said...

Hey Swaram we did not get ur mail!! LOL
welcome shas..