Monday, June 7, 2010


Its night 10.30 PM and Punch is chatting with her father on the bed ( lights off so that she slowly drifts off to sleep)

Punch: Abba, Babba (uncle) phone

Mr. calls Babba

Punch speaks to Babba, then Babba speaks to Abba (abba forgets to put off the speaker)

Babba: I am going to ***(name) Sports Bar tomorrow

Mr: what? bar? Sports Bar?

Punch: Milky Bar...( she loves Milky Bar chocolates)

This is a sneak trailor of the eavesdropping Punch does..


Unknown said...

ahhh they are sneaky lil ones. :) loved the milky bar part :)

AA_Mom said...

LOL! They always have an innocent explanation of everything sinister :)

Anonymous said...

Alert ears :)

Momo's Ma said...

LOL. such sharp ears they have and a super memory.. :)

Uma said...

Sharp and smart :) and cute :D
Pattu once sand london bridge by substituting iron bars with milky bars ;)

ambulisamma said...

Same here too,but not for chocs,all other!

Timepass said...

thks all..glad to note that Punch has good comrades all over!

Trish said...

LOL!!! soo cheeky:D