Friday, May 14, 2010


Punch has caught a cold since few days. She refuses to co-operate when we give her the drops. So brilliant me and the Mr thought of an idea and this is what we did..

Me: Come on Mr, open ur mouth, i will put medicine
Mr: no no, i dont want ..aaaa ( pretending to cry)
Me: It is so sweet, come on taste it
Mr: ok, (I pretend to put the drops in his mouth and he pretends to swallow it)
Mr: It was so nice..
Me: Ok, now u r done, who's next to take the medicine?

Punch was a silent spectator to all this drama and the moment i asked the above question, she replied " Amma"
There goes the 1st instalment of my brilliance.. I pretend that all is not lost and still ask her " Ok, after amma who?"
She says " Abba"
Now, did you hear me saying the I am brilliant, it must have surely been an illusion or a dream!


MindfulMeanderer said...

Ohhhhhhhhh they are brillinat that way. What worked for us is
1. bribe: have ur medicie n i'll give u sugar / jaggery / gems
2. facts: have ur med, U will grow stronger / taller/ like hanuman / what ever works.
3. Threaten: Eat this or else i'll take u to doc for injection - rarely works!!

Some good tips here :)

Swaram said...

LOL .. hw did u do it finally ;)

Pooh! said...

ROFL!! I just had a peep into how things will be with kuttyma in the coming years!

Hope Punch feels better soon. These summer colds are the hardest to shake off

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

LOL !!!!! She is definitely more smarter :-) Hows she feeling now ?

mnamma said...

So did she drink it finally???

ambulisamma said...

Its big trouble to give medicines to toddlers is it not?
Non parents like swaram can LOL for while.

Timepass said...

thks all
She had to drink it finally thanks to me being adamant. she is back to normal now..i had to talk loads and divert her and give the medicine in a spoon.
@shruti- the 3 ideas flopped miserably since a long time as she demands the sweets first!

Sneha said...

Hey, excellent blog !!

Anonymous said...

Kids are too smart for these things. I too have tried such things and failed miserably :)