Wednesday, May 19, 2010

E-Book and Punch's Latest talent

This blog has been included in Indusladies' Mommy Bloggers ebook. Its nice to be part of this initiative. Thanks to Punch who is nowadays the fodder for all posts.
Punch is doing fine now, the cold has subsided. Day before yesterday, when the maid was cleaning the ceiling fan, she insisted on doing it herself and we had to oblige ( the maid carried her so that she could reach the fan and Punch happily dusted the fan). When the maid came yesterday, Punch immediately ran and pulled a chair below the same fan cleaned the previous day and asked the maid to stand on the chair so that she can carry Punch and Punch can clean the fan..This is how we get entertained at home without switching on the TV.


MindfulMeanderer said...

Congrats! .. n glad shes doing ok now. :) LOL. she loves to clean haan? Cute lil 1. Hugs to her.

Ms.Chitchat said...

We too are equally enjoying the antics of punch. They are joy when around us.

Timepass said...

Thks Shruti and Ms.Chitchat..