Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why am I Awesome??

  • I strongly believe in and follow Take it easy policy and Jaane bhi do yaaron policy..After all, its a small world and short life..
  • I faced the un-dreamable and I came out of that grief all by myself..but the heavy burden still persists..
  • I cannot be lured by temptation to do something which I feel is wrong/not needed..
  • I am very gullible and get fooled so many times but I move on quickly..
  • I am always available for people to share their sorrows/problems, but I never ask people personal questions/things that may hurt them/intentional questions unless they themselves start the topic and ask my view..I respect privacy of people.
  • I am very flexible and adjusting with respect to people as well as places..I have to do my duty come what may..
  • I cannot get tempted by good physical attributes to conclude whether a person is bad or good, it is the good heart within which attracts me..Yes, I believe in the saying "Beauty is skin deep"..


Anusha said...

i believe it! you are one of a kind - pretty (and) cool :)

Pixie said...

You are awesome!! :)


Unknown said...

:) That is awesome!!

Lavs said...

I learnt point 3 about you from whatever little interaction we have had till date!

artnavy said...

wonderful and true to your nick name

good to know u

Anonymous said...

You are truly a wonderful person Timepass and I'm glad that we are blog friends :)

Timepass said...

Thks all for making me feel more awesome..
Lavs- is it so obvious?? I mean point 3?